• Safe and Timely Rail Transit
  • Improved Headway and Schedule Adherence
  • Right-of-Way Worker Safety

Decrease Travel Time — Increase Safety

The EMTRAC system uses precise navigation technology and secure RF communication to detect both rail vehicles and workers. Equipped trains use the same EMTRAC components to manage signal-priority requests and to take advantage of key elements of positive train control.

Rail Line Safety and Roadway Worker Safety

EMTRAC Applications


EMTRAC Rail Line Safety Video: Rail Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Safety System
EMTRAC Rail Line Safety Video Thumbnail

Rail-Line Safety

EMTRAC Rail-Line Safety

with rail-operator notifications

EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Video: Demonstrating how Transit Agencies Can Improve Safety for Right-of-Way Rail Workers
EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Video Thumbnail

Rail Worker Safety

EMTRAC Rail-Worker Safety

wayside and onboard notification system

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Rail Worker Safety Demo
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Rail Worker Safety Demo Thumbnail

BART Worker-Safety Demo

BART Worker-Safety Demo

safety notifications when trains approach wayside rail workers

EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Test Video
EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Test Video Thumbnail

Rail Safety Test

EMTRAC Rail-Safety Test

right-of-way and rail-operator notifications